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Collaborate on proformas using an integrated and intuitive workflow

Simplify proforma management

Proforma management – it’s an essential function at any legal or professional services organization. But without a controlled workflow, collecting input from timekeepers can be difficult, leading to delays in billing and inaccurate invoices. From a technology perspective, dealing with complex invoices and getting data in or out of the backend financial system can be tricky as well.

With Wilson Proforma Tracker, organizations can simplify proforma management and gain valuable insight into anticipated billing while enhancing performance.

Advanced features that speed time to value


  • Mobile-friendly interface allowing front-office edits of proforma fees and costs
  • Dynamic end-to-end workflow from proforma creation to invoice delivery
  • Powerful edit capabilities, including search, summary, and quick actions
  • Firm-configurable owners, roles, and stages
  • Approval rules for financial write-downs and discounts
  • Advanced capabilities for joint or group bills
  • Automated and validated updates to backend systems
  • Support for paper-based proforma distribution and collection
  • Metrics maintenance and a full audit of all changes
  • Compatibility with Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise and 3E products


  • Timely and accurate billing, leading to improved collection
  • Uniform and compliant distributed proforma management
  • Better understanding of billing pipeline and revenue leakage
  • Increased collaboration between front and back office
  • Real-time visibility of proforma and invoice progress
  • Reduced costs associated with billing through improved efficiency
  • Ability to measure workload and performance metrics to identify bottlenecks
  • Quick time to value with live pilot in as little as 90 days

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Wilson Proforma Tracker simplifies the preparation and validation of proformas. See how it can help you manage the proforma process and gain valuable insight into anticipated billing.


Wilson Legal Solutions Introduces Wilson Proforma Tracker

DEC 6 2017
Application streamlines the management of proformas and improves collaboration with an integrated workflow for a more efficient billing process, better tracking, and improved data analysis.

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“We have chosen Wilson Legal Solutions over other providers because of their level of expertise and experience with applications such as Intapp Integrate, Design Gallery, and Elite 3E, their strong understanding of the legal process when dealing with business scenarios, and their proven track record over the years in supplying quality solutions. They are dedicated and committed to their clients and being there when needed.”

Gunter Opaluch Special Project Manager, BakerHostetler

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Wilson Legal Solutions Introduces Wilson Proforma Tracker

Press Releases Dec 6 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced the availability of the Wilson Proforma Tracker application. This software enables firms to manage the entire proforma and invoice distribution process with a firmwide-compliant and effective workflow. It allows for advanced front-office editing capabilities and provides valuable insight into the billing process.

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