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Trust the team that has met rigorous certification standards of both Intapp and Elite.

Embrace ongoing technology innovation to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable

With the rapid pace of technology change, firms that are not actively engaged and committed to ongoing innovation can quickly be left behind. Wilson Legal Solutions helps alleviate this concern.

Our team of business and technology experts applies specialized expertise with industry-leading software to help you realize the full benefits your software has to offer.

Expedite the implementation of Aderant Expert and gain insight into its data to make better decisions.

Wilson Legal Solutions is a preferred implementation partner for American LegalNet’s risk management workflow solutions.

Certification validates our ability to help law firms implement, customize, and learn how to use Intapp’s entire product portfolio.

Let Wilson Legal Solutions help you unify the management of work, finances, and people with LexisOne.

Integrate software and rely on our consultants to be more competitive in today's legal marketplace.

Since Wilson built some of the products that Elite sells today, is it any wonder that Elite recommends Wilson when its clients need software services?


Expedite the implementation of Aderant Expert and gain insight into its data to make better decisions.

Aderant Implementation Services

Able to recognize long-term trends in the legal industry, Wilson Legal Solutions can offer enduring partnerships that provide strategic vision and long-life solutions that can adapt with your firm’s growth.

Trusted when it’s critical, Wilson Legal Solutions helps law firms analyze processes and better implement solutions, allowing you to concentrate on servicing your clients and ensuring that your productive resources are allocated in the most optimum manner.

Our team of program and project managers and professional and technical consultants help you to meet implementation timelines by applying years of experience with time-proven, vendor-agnostic, and firm-tested solutions and methodologies.

Key Differentiators

  • Experience with the processes and data structures of multiple vendors provides time- and cost-saving value add-ons when transitioning from one vendor solution to another
  • Integration experience across Aderant, Elite, Intapp, and more
  • Specialists in business intelligence
  • Pooled resources available in the United States and the United Kingdom
  • Experienced project managers with successful, referenceable implementation track records
  • Wide development experience with customizations and templates

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LawDrill Inquiry & Analytics Suite

LawDrill inquiry and analytics applications provide attorneys with self-service access and insight into Aderant Expert data to inform the decision-making process. Rather than ask members of the firm’s accounting team to run reports, attorneys can quickly and easily visualize key insights about clients, matters, groups that they manage, or themselves as working, billing, or responsible attorneys. While the software enables highly granular data inquiry, with access dependent upon advanced security rules, it is simple enough to use that most lawyers require no training. The application, already rich in metrics, is supported by an extensible data warehouse.

The software suite also includes BillDrill, which allows attorneys to access invoices generated in Aderant Expert as PDFs or be shared through e-mail. A third component of the suite is ExecDrill, which provides firm leadership with the ability to access, analyze, and visualize law firm data through highly consumable reports and dashboards.

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American LegalNet

Wilson Legal Solutions as a preferred implementation partner for American LegalNet’s risk management workflow solutions.

American LegalNet, Inc. (ALN) is the nation’s leading provider of risk management workflow solutions for law firms. The company’s flagship product eDockets – Critical Dates is the platinum standard in court-rules-based calendaring and docketing systems and has been chosen for use by many of the AMLAW 100 firms. Law firms looking to implement ALN’s products can outsource the effort to Wilson Legal Solutions and do so with peace of mind, knowing that the project is in capable hands.

Key Differentiators

  • Wilson Legal Solutions is a proven technology partner with a long history of providing consulting services to global law firms
  • Skilled and experienced implementation professionals who clearly understand the workings of a law firm and legal technology
  • Long-standing relationships with law firms throughout the world, having provided services to implement or customize financial and practice management software
  • Ability to extend skills in data migration, an understanding of legacy systems, and experience with project management to implement ALN’s products efficiently

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Certified professional and technology services and select reseller services to help you implement, customize, and learn how to use Intapp products.

Intapp products allow firms to effectively align business operations with business strategy and are recognized as the most advanced in their respective categories. Wilson Legal Solutions helps firms get greater value out of their investment in Intapp products.

We have successfully completed the certification process to provide services for Intapp products. Our professional and technology services help you implement, customize, and learn how to use Intapp products with greater ease, including Integrate, Open, Flow, Time, and Walls software. Certification is determined based on criteria including number of live Intapp implementations a partner has executed; client service delivery references; customer satisfaction on partner service; the number of trained staff on Intapp products; and baseline knowledge and skills related to Intapp software.

Wilson also resells Intapp Integrate and Intapp Flow to small- and mid-sized accounting firms in North America. Learn more about our reseller agreement with Intapp.

Key Differentiators

  • Reseller of Intapp Integrate and Intapp Flow to small- and mid-sized accounting firms in North America
  • Certified to provide services for Intapp products
  • Certified expertise with Elite Enterprise and 3E software
  • Full-service Intapp implementation capabilities (consult, design, and build) in North America and EMEA
  • Extensive experience working on Intapp software services projects
  • Intapp relationship for services and product development
  • Turnkey Intapp Integrate solution for Elite 3E clients

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Thomson Reuters Elite

Firms worldwide rely on Wilson Legal Solutions for Elite software services. We take care of all of the technical details, freeing you to focus on running your firm.

Wilson Legal Solutions is a certified Elite 3E implementation partner for Thomson Reuters Elite. We have achieved both 3E Application Implementation Partner Certification and 3E IDE/Technical Implementation Partner Certification status. In fact, we were Elite’s first certified 3E services partner. Certification assures you that you’ll receive expert-level service and support – by a team that underwent the same training as Thomson Reuters Elite’s own people. We also provide extensive Design Gallery services. Call on us to help you:

  • Enhance your entire experience using Elite software
  • Increase end-user competency and reduce total cost of ownership
  • Improve insight into key performance indicators
  • Improve processes and maximize efficiency
  • Streamline your software implementations, mergers, conversions, and upgrades
  • Create custom reports, interfaces, templates, and workflow

Specialized Services

3E Services

  • 3E Workflow
  • BizTalk interfaces
  • Check templates
  • Conversion analyst
  • Custom applications
  • Custom metrics, reports, and dashboards
  • Data extraction (from source database)
  • Design Gallery services
  • Proforma/bill/check templates
  • Phase Zero Planning
  • Project management
  • Security
  • Training
    • Data structure/SQL
    • Bill templates
    • Process/screen design
  • User acceptance testing

Enterprise Services

  • Check templates
  • Conversion/merger analyst
  • Conversion/merger programming
  • Custom 4GL reports
  • Custom applications
  • Custom stored programs
  • Design Gallery services
  • Extend events
  • Proforma/bill and check templates
  • Project management
  • Third-party integration
  • Training
  • Upgrades
  • Webview customizations
  • Whitehill

Business Intelligence

  • Data warehousing
  • Implementation
  • Interactive custom reports
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Profitability
  • Reporting scheduling, bursting, and distribution
  • Training

Our Clients

“Wilson’s software engineers seem to have great skills and a wealth of experience. I always feel Wilson can deliver the solution we need and bring their own experience with other firms to bear to resolve any issues we may have.”

Wendy Schlossberg Senior Director of Finance, Goldberg Kohn Ltd.

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Wilson Legal Solutions today announced that Patrice Kennard has joined the company as a senior risk consultant. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Kennard joins Wilson’s assessment and advisory services team to help law firms and law departments optimize new business intake processes and reduce conflicts of interest.

Caseflow and Wilson Legal Solutions Announce Services Partnership at ILTACON 2018

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Caseflow and Wilson Legal Solutions have announced a partnership agreement where Wilson will provide implementation and training services in the United States for new installations of the Caseflow Acumen Suite, which helps law firms organize their workflows and cases.

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Mills & Reeve, a leading UK law firm that provides comprehensive legal advice to businesses and individuals, has selected Wilson Proforma Tracker software to enhance its billing workflow, collaboration, and efficiency.

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Wilson Legal Solutions and Intapp Deepen Partnership in Accounting Market

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Under this agreement, Wilson will be able to offer licenses for Intapp Integrate and Intapp Flow to small- and mid-sized accounting firms in North America.

Gould & Ratner Agrees to Be A Beta Client for Wilson Ideate Software

2018 Apr 27 2018

Gould & Ratner LLP has agreed to be a beta client to integrate Wilson Ideate software with Rippe & Kingston Legal Management System. This will be the first integration of Rippe with Wilson Ideate, a business intelligence (BI) solution that enables firms to access, analyze, and share data to drive smarter decisions.

Wilson Legal Solutions Welcomes Lindsay Barthram As Director of Consulting Services, EMEA

2018 Apr 17 2018

Wilson Legal Solutions, a leading provider of software and services that help law firms and professional services organizations improve business performance, today announced that Lindsay Barthram has joined the company as director of consulting services for its EMEA operations.

Wilson Legal Solutions Acquires Francisco Consulting Group and LawDrill Applications

2018 Mar 15 2018

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced it has acquired Francisco Consulting Group and the company’s LawDrill suite of inquiry and analytics applications. Jose Hernandez, president of Francisco Consulting Group, is joining the company as LawDrill product manager.

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Wilson Legal Solutions Introduces Wilson Proforma Tracker

Press Releases Dec 6 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced the availability of the Wilson Proforma Tracker application. This software enables firms to manage the entire proforma and invoice distribution process with a firmwide-compliant and effective workflow. It allows for advanced front-office editing capabilities and provides valuable insight into the billing process.

Succession Planning: The Problem with Procrastination

Services Sep 5 2017

The baby boomer generation is rapidly retiring – leaving a large void in the leadership of law firms that did not plan ahead for this eventuality. Given the potential business impact of losing clients when an attorney retires, it would serve law firms well to avoid procrastinating and begin succession planning now.

Wilson Legal Solutions and American LegalNet Announce Preferred Services Partnership Agreement

Press Releases Aug 15 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions and American LegalNet, Inc. (ALN) today announced the formation of a services partnership. The agreement solidifies Wilson Legal Solutions’ relationship with ALN and establishes it as a preferred implementation partner of ALN’s eDockets – Critical Dates docketing, legal forms, and calendaring software.

Six Ways to Engage Attorneys in the Use of New Technology

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New BI Software? How to Overcome Obstacles and Improve Outcomes

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Many law firms are taking a hard look at the software they’re using to surface information that supports strategic decisions. To improve a business intelligence (BI) software roll out, we suggest concentrating on these four key areas of focus.

Wilson Legal Solutions to Assist Two Law Firms in the Evaluation of New Practice Management Software

Press Releases Mar 31 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced that an Am Law 100 firm and a progressive regional law firm have chosen the company’s technology transition advisory services. The firms join a growing list of organizations that have turned to Wilson Legal Solutions for assistance with the evaluation of new practice management software.

Wilson Legal Solutions Introduces Systems and Information Security Services

Press Releases Mar 1 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced its systems and information security services, a selection of offerings that enables firms to manage, optimize, and secure software instances and the IT infrastructure and data with less effort, cost, and risk.

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As you consider implementing new software at your firm, adding the following four key action items to your to-do list can help you complete these core stages successfully.

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Legal IT: Why Project Management Delivers the Greatest ROI

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When planning a software upgrade or implementation, the industry rule of thumb is that you should allocate approximately 20% of the budget to project management.

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