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Your business needs are evolving and so is the technology that supports those needs. With Wilson Legal Solutions, you can navigate this changing landscape with greater peace of mind. From project management, implementations, upgrades, and testing to reporting, customization, and training—our consulting services are here to help.

Get the greatest return on investment from your software

Integrate your software with other applications

Identify KPIs and measure performance

Mine your data to improve profitability

Leverage custom reports, interfaces, and templates

Migrate and implement custom reports, templates, and metrics

Professional Services

Whether you're adapting to change or focusing on day-to-day activities, we have a deep bench of qualified experts, ready to deploy on your behalf. From project tmanagers, trainers, and developers to application specialists and advisors, we're able to respond quickly to any software-related needs. We leverage our collective expertise to act as our clients' technology advocate. You can count on our team to support you throughout the life cycle of your software.

Wilson Legal Solutions’ professional services deliver unprecedented value across your organization and support critical back-office functions such as:

  • Business intelligence strategy and implementation

  • Coordination of internal/external project resources

  • Documentation and training

  • Engagement advisory

  • Function and feature review and deployment

  • Mergers

  • Project management

  • Remote/on-site support

  • Software implementations, migrations, and upgrades

  • User acceptance testing

Technology Services

Achieving a heightened level of performance typically involves some technical configuration and customization. That's where Wilson Legal Solutions can help. We'll help you make the best use of your software by adapting it to your firm's requirements. We draw on deep technical expertise, hands-on software experience, and best-practice insight to help you run as efficiently and profitability as possible through your software.

Wilson Legal Solutions' technical services are ideal for IT and development teams that support back- and front-office technology solutions:

  • Business intelligence upgrades

  • Business process and rules implementations

  • Custom maintenance and support agreements

  • Data conversions including planning, extracts, programming, and validation

  • Infrastructure design, business continuity, and disaster recovery

  • Remote/on-site support

  • Systems and information security

  • System upgrades, setup, and troubleshooting

  • Technology planning and system selection

  • Temporary staffing

  • UI and behavior customization

Specialized Consulting Services

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    Our Clients

    “Wilson’s know-how and attitude are the best. There isn’t a lot of red tape; when I need them, they’re there for me. I really like the people at Wilson and their commitment level.”

    Tom Staley Financial Systems Administrator, Dykema

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    Choosing the Right Methodology for Your Software Implementation

    Services Mar 9 2018

    Law firms are facing the prospect of implementing new software more frequently. What is the best approach? Review some of the most common frameworks, methodologies, and tools.

    Wilson Legal Solutions and American LegalNet Announce Preferred Services Partnership Agreement

    Press Releases Aug 15 2017

    Wilson Legal Solutions and American LegalNet, Inc. (ALN) today announced the formation of a services partnership. The agreement solidifies Wilson Legal Solutions’ relationship with ALN and establishes it as a preferred implementation partner of ALN’s eDockets – Critical Dates docketing, legal forms, and calendaring software.

    Six Ways to Engage Attorneys in the Use of New Technology

    Services Jul 6 2017

    Law firms realize the greatest value from new technology when users actually use it – and use it well. How can you accelerate the adoption of new technology? Here are six methods that can help you achieve a positive outcome.

    Wilson Legal Solutions Establishes Dedicated Product Support for Wilson Ideate Software

    Press Releases Jun 13 2017

    Wilson Legal Solutions today announced the availability of enhanced support for Wilson Ideate software with the addition of continued analytics support services, service contracts, and the appointment of Briana Carbone as customer support manager.

    New BI Software? How to Overcome Obstacles and Improve Outcomes

    Services Apr 4 2017

    Many law firms are taking a hard look at the software they’re using to surface information that supports strategic decisions. To improve a business intelligence (BI) software roll out, we suggest concentrating on these four key areas of focus.

    Wilson Legal Solutions to Assist Two Law Firms in the Evaluation of New Practice Management Software

    Press Releases Mar 31 2017

    Wilson Legal Solutions today announced that an Am Law 100 firm and a progressive regional law firm have chosen the company’s technology transition advisory services. The firms join a growing list of organizations that have turned to Wilson Legal Solutions for assistance with the evaluation of new practice management software.

    Wilson Legal Solutions Introduces Systems and Information Security Services

    Press Releases Mar 1 2017

    Wilson Legal Solutions today announced its systems and information security services, a selection of offerings that enables firms to manage, optimize, and secure software instances and the IT infrastructure and data with less effort, cost, and risk.

    Four Action Items to Streamline Project Lifecycles

    Services Feb 22 2017

    As you consider implementing new software at your firm, adding the following four key action items to your to-do list can help you complete these core stages successfully.

    How Solid is Your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan? See How Your Firm Measures Up.

    Services Nov 29 2016

    It’s budget time in the legal services industry. How much should your firm earmark for disaster recovery and business continuity? This post offers guidance on what to factor into your 2017 plans.

    Data Conversion: 4 Tips for Improving Validation

    Services Nov 2 2016

    Data validation is an important part of the data conversion process when transitioning to new financial management software. To streamline this effort, validation should be a multi-step process.

    A 7-Step Formula for Streamlining Your 3E Implementation

    Services Oct 26 2016

    New technology enables better ways to complete tasks. Greater efficiency. Better visibility. Tighter security. But how can you streamline the colossal effort involved with implementing new practice management software? Here are the critical success factors I’ve gleaned from my years as a software implementation project manager.

    Disaster recovery and business continuity: Why now is the time to prepare for the worst

    Services Sep 22 2016

    Disaster recovery and business continuation procedures are becoming hot topics as law firms become increasingly dependent on data. For firms without a solid plan in place, the impact of unexpected events could be devastating.

    Four Key Areas of Planning and Execution to Help Streamline the Transition of Technology

    Services Aug 16 2016

    How can your firm make the most of a transition to new software? Focus on these four areas to uncover the strategic benefits of a system conversion or upgrade.

    Account Termination Policies: How to Uphold Security When Employees Leave

    Jul 26 2016

    Law firms go to great measures to protect digital assets from outside forces. This same diligence needs to be applied to uphold security in regards to your employee base - past and present.

    Time for New Practice Management Software? Stop Panicking and Start Planning for Improvement

    Software May 3 2016

    In the next few years, almost every law firm will be in line for either an upgrade or conversion of their practice management system.

    Still Relying on Gut Instincts? Why Now Is Really the Time for Data-Driven Business Decisions

    Services Mar 16 2016

    When it comes to the practice of law, attorneys are taught to leave no stone unturned within a case.

    Legal IT: Why Project Management Delivers the Greatest ROI

    Software Mar 8 2016

    When planning a software upgrade or implementation, the industry rule of thumb is that you should allocate approximately 20% of the budget to project management.

    Top 5 Traits to Seek in a Law Firm Business Analytics Solution

    Software Feb 23 2016

    More than ever, law firms are focused on identifying ways to run and grow more profitably.

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    The key to being an effective leader is hiring the right people.

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    2016 Survey provides great insight into the trends that are reshaping the legal industry.

    Keeping Pace With Market Trends. Is Your Firm Falling Behind?

    Services Dec 14 2015

    Law firms must adapt if they want to keep pace with client demand and their own internal growth expectations.

    Big Sale, This Weekend Only! Avoiding the Trap of Discounts

    Services Nov 5 2015

    There are literally million dollar homes that are discounted by a dollar. Apparently to many that makes a difference.

    Associate Bonuses and Hourly Thresholds: Why Now is the Time to Consider a New Reward System

    Services Oct 15 2015

    To be productive members of the firm, it’s important that associates drive revenue.

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