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Consulting firms need greater insight into operating data to make decisions that support profitability and performance. Wilson Legal Solutions is a trusted advisor to consulting firms worldwide.

We deploy a highly experienced team of consultants who help consulting firms get the most from their software implementations and throughout the lifecycle of practice management and business intelligence software.

Our advisory services team shares best practices for business analysis, process improvement, and profitability tools and methodology.

Our software makes it easier for firms to access and analyze data that drives profitability and performance, streamline proforma collaboration and workflow, evaluate the cost and effort of new business, and generate conflicts reports with greater speed and ease.

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Learn how our BI software can help you access, analyze, and share the data that drives smarter decisions.


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“Wilson’s software engineers seem to have great skills and a wealth of experience. I always feel Wilson can deliver the solution we need and bring their own experience with other firms to bear to resolve any issues we may have.”

Wendy Schlossberg Senior Director of Finance, Goldberg Kohn Ltd.

News & Blog Posts about Consulting Firms

Need to Change Your PMS? Three Reasons to Consider ERP

Services Nov 6 2018

A rising number of firms are opting for a move into the ERP world. Why? Here are three reasons firms are considering the road less traveled.

Wilson Legal Solutions Welcomes Colleen Osborne As Account Executive

2018 Sep 20 2018

Wilson Legal Solutions, a leading provider of software and services that help professional services organizations improve business performance, today announced that Colleen Osborne has joined the company to accelerate its growth outside of the legal industry.

How to Build the Strongest Implementation Team: Who to Invite and Who to Avoid

Services Aug 6 2018

Whom you choose to fill key roles and responsibilities can have a major impact on the outcome and ROI. Here are tips for forming the strongest team.

Mills & Reeve Selects Wilson Proforma Tracker to Enhance Billing Workflow and Collaboration

2018 Jul 24 2018

Mills & Reeve, a leading UK law firm that provides comprehensive legal advice to businesses and individuals, has selected Wilson Proforma Tracker software to enhance its billing workflow, collaboration, and efficiency.

Better Strategic Planning: How to Be a Leader in a World of Lemmings

Services Jun 11 2018

Firms are successful in strategic planning when deciphering reality from fiction using competitive intelligence and market awareness.

Wilson Legal Solutions and Stanton Allen Ltd. Sign Definitive Merger & Acquisition Agreement

2018 May 17 2018

Wilson Legal Solutions and Stanton Allen Ltd. today announced a definitive merger and acquisition agreement to consolidate operations into a united company.

Five Ways to Reduce Post-Implementation Sticker Shock

Services May 15 2018

Focus on these five areas to be better able to determine exactly what you’re signing up for to avoid surprises later.

Wilson Legal Solutions Welcomes Lindsay Barthram As Director of Consulting Services, EMEA

2018 Apr 17 2018

Wilson Legal Solutions, a leading provider of software and services that help law firms and professional services organizations improve business performance, today announced that Lindsay Barthram has joined the company as director of consulting services for its EMEA operations.

Wilson Legal Solutions Acquires Francisco Consulting Group and LawDrill Applications

2018 Mar 15 2018

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced it has acquired Francisco Consulting Group and the company’s LawDrill suite of inquiry and analytics applications. Jose Hernandez, president of Francisco Consulting Group, is joining the company as LawDrill product manager.

Choosing the Right Methodology for Your Software Implementation

Services Mar 9 2018

Law firms are facing the prospect of implementing new software more frequently. What is the best approach? Review some of the most common frameworks, methodologies, and tools.

Challenging Analytics Complacency: 4 Key Areas Law Firms Should Be Targeting

Services Feb 28 2018

Too often BI is viewed in isolation. The real BI value is in a modern analytic framework that aligns with your firm’s performance management needs.

Better Strategic Planning: The Most Important Questions to Ask Before You Begin

Services Feb 20 2018

Firms are successful in strategic planning when preconceived notions are set aside and instead, data and intelligence inform the process – beginning with a solid internal review.

Wilson Legal Solutions Introduces Wilson Proforma Tracker

Press Releases Dec 6 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced the availability of the Wilson Proforma Tracker application. This software enables firms to manage the entire proforma and invoice distribution process with a firmwide-compliant and effective workflow. It allows for advanced front-office editing capabilities and provides valuable insight into the billing process.

Norm Mullock Joins Wilson Legal Solutions As Vice President of Strategy

Press Releases Sep 6 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Norm Mullock as vice president of strategy. In this capacity, Mullock drives operational initiatives and evaluates strategic corporate and product acquisitions. He also collaborates with members of the leadership team to give prominence to the company’s core competencies and increase market share.

Succession Planning: The Problem with Procrastination

Services Sep 5 2017

The baby boomer generation is rapidly retiring – leaving a large void in the leadership of law firms that did not plan ahead for this eventuality. Given the potential business impact of losing clients when an attorney retires, it would serve law firms well to avoid procrastinating and begin succession planning now.

Wilson Legal Solutions and American LegalNet Announce Preferred Services Partnership Agreement

Press Releases Aug 15 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions and American LegalNet, Inc. (ALN) today announced the formation of a services partnership. The agreement solidifies Wilson Legal Solutions’ relationship with ALN and establishes it as a preferred implementation partner of ALN’s eDockets – Critical Dates docketing, legal forms, and calendaring software.

Six Ways to Engage Attorneys in the Use of New Technology

Services Jul 6 2017

Law firms realize the greatest value from new technology when users actually use it – and use it well. How can you accelerate the adoption of new technology? Here are six methods that can help you achieve a positive outcome.

How Total Performance Management Can Help You Achieve a Stronger Bottom Line

Software May 2 2017

By bringing together data, insight, and action, firms can take a total performance management approach to operations to achieve a stronger bottom line. See how you can make the most of new tools that enable improvement.

New BI Software? How to Overcome Obstacles and Improve Outcomes

Services Apr 4 2017

Many law firms are taking a hard look at the software they’re using to surface information that supports strategic decisions. To improve a business intelligence (BI) software roll out, we suggest concentrating on these four key areas of focus.

Wilson Legal Solutions to Assist Two Law Firms in the Evaluation of New Practice Management Software

Press Releases Mar 31 2017

Wilson Legal Solutions today announced that an Am Law 100 firm and a progressive regional law firm have chosen the company’s technology transition advisory services. The firms join a growing list of organizations that have turned to Wilson Legal Solutions for assistance with the evaluation of new practice management software.

Four Action Items to Streamline Project Lifecycles

Services Feb 22 2017

As you consider implementing new software at your firm, adding the following four key action items to your to-do list can help you complete these core stages successfully.

Five Tips To Trim Software Implementation Costs

Services Jan 17 2017

The writing is on the wall. It’s time to change practice management systems. How can you trim cost from your software implementation and still get the greatest value? Here are some tips on getting your budget just right.

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