Affiliate Program

It’s a win-win. Be rewarded for referring new business to us.

Would You Recommend Us?

Wilson Legal Solutions is dedicated to service; our mission is to help our clients succeed. If you're able to help us achieve our mission by referring new business to us, you may be eligible to receive a referral reward as part of our Affiliate Program.

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To qualify for the referral reward, the referred contact:

  • Is a financial executive, decision-maker, or key person of influence
  • Has been pre-qualified, which means you have made contact with the potential customer and confirmed that the he or she has a potential need for Wilson Legal Solutions' products or services
  • Is expecting to hear from us
  • Will accept a demo/meeting for their organization to review Wilson Legal Solutions' offerings

Review Process

Once we receive your referral, Wilson Legal Solutions will review the lead and may contact you for additional details. We will let you know if your referral has been accepted. If the organization is already a customer of Wilson Legal Solutions, is an active prospect, or if the referred organization has already been submitted by another member, it is not eligible for a referral reward.

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